This is a (mostly complete) list of the tools, apps, services and hardware I use on a regular basis.
The list contains tools I use in my work as a web developer but also tools I use at home.

Last updated: April 2023



  • PHP (Framework-less/ Laravel)
  • NodeJS, Socket.IO, Nest.js, Fastify + Typescript
  • MariaDB, PostgreSQL


  • SvelteKit
  • Tailwind CSS
  • SCSS
  • [Bootstrap]


  • GitLab (KonfiApp)
  • DroneCI + Gitea (ODIT.Services)
  • K3S Kubernetes (ODIT.Services)
  • Docker

Tools/ Software

I have this small script to automate my Windows setup.


  • MacBook Pro M2 Pro 14" (2023)
  • Main Workstation
    • custom built desktop with 32GB RAM, 4 SSDs (128GB,128GB,256GB,1TB) running Windows 11 Pro + macOS Ventura
    • 3 Displays (1 AOC Gaming 24G2, 2 ASUS VX238)
    • Cherry KC1000 Keyboard
    • Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC Mouse
  • POCO X3 Pro running ArrowOS
  • iPhone XR